Customer satisfaction survey


Dear Customers,

we would like to ask you to fill the following satisfaction questionnaire and express your opinion on cooperating with our company. We will take all all observations into consideration, and we will try, on their basis, to improve our work so as to deliver only such products that are in accordance with your expectations. We promise that none of you observations will be ignored.

In order to receive credible information, we would like to ask you to fill the spaces concerning your contact data.

Thank you in advance for your time.


Helpful information:

The questionnaire is directed at Customers for whom the ELEKTROTIM S.A. [joint-stock] company has completed the order.

If the scope of works comprised different products offered by ELEKTROTIM S.A., please indicated all relevant fields. Answers to questions no. 1 to 7 require to choose one option only.

1. Name of the company *

2. First name of the person filling the questionnaire *

3. Second name of the person filling the questionnaire *

4. Telephone *

5. E-mail address *

6. Task title *

7. Scope of works: *

8. How do you evaluate the compliance of the completion of works with assumptions and expectations? *

9. How do you evaluate promptness of the services/product deliveries completed by ELEKTROTIM S.A.? *

10. How do you evaluate the communication between ELEKTROTIM S.A. and your company? *

11. How do you evaluate the competence of ELEKTROTIM S.A. employees? *

12. How do you evaluate the way of solving the problems appearing in the course of completing the task by ELEKTROTIM S.A.? *

13. How do you evaluate the manners of ELEKTROTIM S.A. employees? *

14. Would you entrust ELEKTROTIM S.A. with the completion of another task? *

15. What should ELEKTROTIM S.A. change in order to satisfy your needs more fully?

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